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Great Kansas City food trucks to watch out for

Craving for some of the best mouthwatering meals in Kansas City? The City of Fountains is home to an array of excellent food trucks serving a delightful combination of Midwest favorites, fusion cuisine, and other delicious dishes. Ready...

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A guide to basic types of farm fences

Fences play an important role in every commercial farm or hobby farm when it comes to protecting crops or livestock. The type of fencing you choose depends on the specific function it should serve for your farm. Whether you plan to hire ...

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Biggest trends in home design: 2020 edition

A new decade means it’s time to give your home a spanking new look. Whether it’s in preparation to sell or simply to upgrade your style, changing your home’s design can only be a positive. Don’t get left behind. Freshen up your h...

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5 vegetable gardening tips you need to know

Gardening is a most rewarding hobby. When you garden, you not only get to be out in the warm sunshine breathing in clean, healthy air -- you’ll eventually be rewarded with flourishing crops. The benefits to your health and wellbeing make ...

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Fun activities in Kansas City, MO on a budget

In Kansas City, you don’t need to break the bank to have a good time. With so many fun budget-friendly activities in the area, you can enjoy a whole weekend in the city without spending too much— or at all! Here’s a list of fun thi...

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5 Kansas City Must-Dos

Kansas City is a reminder that Midwestern cities aren't under any blanket of sameness. This medium-sized city boasts an active and vibrant art scene complemented by the staples KC is known for: live jazz, great BBQ, and baseball. If you...

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Home on the Range or Home on the Lot?

Living in the countryside has great perks. More space, fresh air, peace. Living in a home with a small lot also has its own benefits. It tends to be closer to the city and the many conveniences of urban living. Deciding between these two co...

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Maintain Your Home with this Simple Checklist

Gone a year without draining the water heater? Or forgotten to lube your garage door springs altogether? Keeping your home shipshape quickly feels overwhelming if you just focus on the lengthy list of maintenance and repairs. Make daunt...

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Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed

If you’re buying property and have plans of developing or renovating it, you need to know about land surveying. Land surveying is the process of determining the size, measurements, and topographic heights of a piece of property. A surv...

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