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Biggest trends in home design: 2020 edition

Modern home design in Kansas City

A new decade means it’s time to give your home a spanking new look. Whether it’s in preparation to sell or simply to upgrade your style, changing your home’s design can only be a positive.

Don’t get left behind. Freshen up your home’s look by incorporating one or more of these fabulous 2020 interior design trends:

Non-white kitchens

Traditional all-white kitchens are a thing of the past. The once-popular sterile look has been replaced with warmer, more personal touches. Homeowners today are wanting to inject a sense of their own flair into the heart of the home.

This 2020, expect to see kitchens with pops of color and an exciting expanded palette. The shift to more color is a subtle one as the trend is inclined more towards earth tones, as well as some greens and blues. Two-toned kitchen cabinets will also be used to punctuate the space.

For those who really want to push the envelope, you can opt for bold patterned backsplashes and tiles.

Indoor plants

Bring the outdoors in with a profusion of houseplants, and invite as much natural light in as possible. The goal here is to make the home look more vibrant and earthy, if you will. Hang some orchids in your hallways or add a variety of vines by your windows to create more depth to your home.

Use nature-inspired elements such as floral patterns, botanical imagery, and furniture made from wood, wicker, and stone to add a natural touch.

Canopy beds

Canopy beds used to be synonymous with an overt extravagance that could easily turn gauche. The 2020 revival is a modern and refined take of the canopy bed. It has all the luxury and majesty of the original design, but offers more comfort and elegance.

Expect to see canopy beds made from sleek materials like acrylic and metal with upholstered frames. Canopy beds can help create a serene and calming atmosphere that’s perfect in a bedroom setting.


Collecting antiques is nothing new. But this year, expect to see antiques being used in a different way. Instead of an entire room filled with a collection of antiques, antique items will be used subtly throughout the home to provide an element of the unexpected.

There are plenty of ways to use antiques to enhance your home’s style. Fill your walls with antique art, for example. Accessorize the shelves with vintage items. Or use antique landscape tapestries as a room’s focal point.

Japanese minimalism

Japanese minimalism is both a style and an approach. It made waves last year because of the famous organizing consultant Marie Kondo. This trend is expected to continue its popularity this year, as well.

What sets the Japanese minimalist style apart is its emphasis on purity. Instead of cold hard lines typical of minimalism, Japanese influences create more warmth and an air of sentimentality. You’ll also see more natural elements in the style.

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