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Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed

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If you’re buying property and have plans of developing or renovating it, you need to know about land surveying.

Land surveying is the process of determining the size, measurements, and topographic heights of a piece of property. A survey will show all improvements, boundaries, and easements of land. It will also show you exactly what space you have with which to work.

So, why is it important to have your property surveyed? The following are some of the best reasons.

  1. Boundary lines
  2. Where does your property begin and end? Can you build a fence around your house? Is it okay if you put up a shed? These are some of the reasons to conduct a survey. Especially when it comes to acreage, vacant land, or horse property, locating boundary lines and other lines of occupancy will help you know the extent to which you can erect structures or initiate improvements on your property.

  3. Gores, overlaps, and gaps
  4. Is your property adjacent to alleys, roads, highways, or streets? Then it is best to know if there are no disparities between your property’s boundary lines and the property next to it.

  5. Rights-of-way, easements, and abandoned roads
  6. An easement gives your neighbor the right to go through your property to get to the street. This happens if your property blocks your neighbor’s access to the road.

  7. Joint driveways, party walls, encroachments, or overhangs
  8. You may be required by law to support your neighbor’s driveway by keeping yours in good condition.

  9. Water, electric, gas, telephone and telegraph pipes, drains, wires, cables, vaults, manhole covers, catch basins, lines, and poles
  10. Above-ground wires and poles are visible. But what about underground cables? Or drains? A land surveyor can show you exactly where they lie on your property based on information provided by the municipality or utility companies. Find out if utility companies have the right to use a portion of your property for maintenance. This step is also crucial to make sure it is safe to begin construction or renovations on your property.

  11. Access, ingress, and egress
  12. It’s important to know if your property has adequate access to driveways, especially if there is an emergency. This means that your survey should state whether there is enough space for a vehicle to enter and exit your property to an open public street.

  13. Zoning classification
  14. This part of the survey reports your zoning jurisdiction and classification. Your zoning classification lays specific restrictions on how you use your property. Once you have the completed and certified survey, you may want to ask your lawyer whether you are using your property according to zoning ordinances. You may also ask for other advice about the legal implications of your property survey.

When purchasing property, you should know exactly where their boundaries lie. Land surveying eliminates the confusion over where one property ends and another one begins. If you have questions about getting your property surveyed and where to find the right land surveyor in the greater Kansas City area, our team will be glad to assist you today.

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