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Home on the Range or Home on the Lot?

Living in the countryside has great perks. More space, fresh air, peace. Living in a home with a small lot also has its own benefits. It tends to be closer to the city and the many conveniences of urban living.

Deciding between these two comes down to what’s most important to you as a buyer. We’ve outlined the ways each type of land can benefit you and what you can do to maintain or improve your property value below.

Home on the Range: Room to Breathe and Grow

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If space (and lots of it) is what you’re after, a home with acreage will tick the right boxes. With the abundance of land comes great flexibility. Building too close to property lines is hardly a concern once it’s time for future home extensions, a lavish pool, or that dream garden.

And because the cuts of land are larger, your neighbors are farther away, affording you more privacy than a home on a smaller lot. Owning a home with acreage also makes it less likely that you’ll have to deal with disruptions caused by construction and other development projects.

Another enormous draw of homes with acreage is the opportunity to appreciate nature up close. You don’t have to go to a zoo to learn about local wildlife when all you need to do is step out to your backyard.

More Land, More Upkeep

Owning a home with acreage requires frequent upkeep to look its very best. Since you have more land to tend, you will need to be more diligent about keeping maintenance schedules. This admittedly eats uptime, but the effort you exert can lead to a great payoff.

Well-maintained acreage increases in value over time and can fetch you a good return with the right buyer down the road. If you find fitting maintenance into your schedule a challenge, don’t be afraid to outsource a part of your duties to qualified professionals.

Home on a Lot: Convenience is King

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A home on a small or medium-sized lot appeals most to those looking for a compromise between city and country living. These homes have quick or easy access to the trappings of the city: restaurants, bars, cultural events, museums, and more. And if most of your friends are in the city, having an accessible home guarantees more opportunities for socializing.

Homes on lots also have ready access to utility lines. Access to water and electricity grids or to an Internet connection is easily set up if not already available. And since lots are smaller, they’re easier to maintain and sell for new homeowners.

More People, Closer Borders

Compared to life on acreage, living in a home on a lot brings you closer to your neighbors. This helps in building a sense of community, but there is a tradeoff when it comes to privacy. Because of how much closer lots are compared to acreage, making sure that you’re buying in a neighborhood that you like is of prime importance.

The home you end up with will ultimately hinge on your personal tastes. Mull over which benefits call out to you the most. When you’re ready to find your acreage or lot in the Greater Kansas City area, reach out to us, the Dana Benjamin team, at 913.522.4277 or via email at DBenjamin(at)ReeseNichols(dotted)com.