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Barn Party Inspiration

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The humble barn has become the “It” venue for parties in the past few years. Now, people have always hosted get-togethers in the barn, but party hosts are stepping up their game. Barns aren’t just host to humble hoedowns anymore. Party hosts are transforming barns into wedding receptions, birthday party spots, and elegant anniversary party venues.

Because our barns hold such a special place in our hearts, it only makes sense to celebrate there! Let’s get some barn party inspiration to help you get the ball rolling for your special occasion!

Focus on the lighting In The Barn

The lighting in the barn can really transform the space into a magical scene. Reflect the starlight with twinkling string lights and battery-powered candles. Chandeliers add a special touch, too.

These lighting ideas can be used for a wedding reception, birthday party or a summer celebration.

Guide Your Guests Creative This Way Here Signs

Help your guests find their way to the party by posting signs that lead them to the barn. You might use chalk boards or rustic wooden signs and posts. If there’s a pathway, dress it up with lights or greenery. Old barn wood can make the most creative signs and symbolizes the venue.


Keep The Food Coming

Buffets are perfect for a casual barn party. Gather a supply of snacks and drinks that fit with your theme. You might plan a bonfire outside and have plenty of s’mores ingredients ready to grab. Toss beverages into a wheelbarrow filled with ice. Galvanized buckets make great snack holders or drink coolers.

Fill Your Barn With Tons Of Games – You Are At A Barn Party

Don’t forget the games at your barn party. Kids and adults will get involved in a game of horseshoes, cornhole or ladder golf. If you want to try something new, we’re loving the giant jenga sets we’ve seen lately. You can make your own or buy a set.

Has this list sparked some ideas about your own barn party or maybe your have decided to look for a home with the perfect barn to host a party? I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. I’m more than happy to do some research and help you answer all the important questions as you approach this exciting decision! Contact The Dana Benjamin Team for your next horse property or call Dana today at 913-522-4077.