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5 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home

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There is something about adding just a touch of farmhouse style to your home.

Homeowners are getting the itch to refresh their homes. Spring cleaning is necessary, but updating your home’s decor makes all that cleaning worth it. Injecting a dose of farmhouse style to your home this Spring is a great way to liven up your space. We’ve gathered a few simple ways to create that cozy, country chic look you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.

Listed below are 5 tips to inspire your Farmhouse decor updates:

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  1. White dishes – White dishes are a farmhouse staple. Start searching for platters, pitchers and plates at discount home stores, thrift stores and yard sales. You’ll be surprised at what great treasures you can find. Display the white farmhouse dishes in groups on a dining room hutch or in your kitchen’s coffee nook.
  2. Farmhouse fabrics – Look for textiles made of linen, burlap, grain sack and any other farm-inspired fabric. Spring is a great time to update kitchen hand towels, sofa pillows and window treatments.
  3. Fresh Flowers – Winter might be dragging on for a little bit longer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring spring florals into your home. Adding fresh flowers to your kitchen, living room and bathroom will really liven up the space. You can arrange bouquets in traditional farmhouse “vases”, like old milk jugs, mason jars and glass jars set in wire baskets. Use your creativity and let the spring colors and scents cheer you up!
  4. Farmhouse table – You don’t have to go purchase an expensive farmhouse dining table. If you have an older table that needs a little attention, just give it a little treatment of your own. There are plenty of tutorials and videos online for painting and giving a rustic touch to a dining, coffee, or side table.
  5. Lighting – Light fixtures are easy to replace, and they can make a huge difference on the feel of your room. Take a look at farm-inspired light fixtures and try swapping a few out. The style is pumped up a notch with little effort.

What are your favorite farmhouse style ideas? Stay tuned to our blog for more country living tips and tricks.