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Tips for buying horse properties

Cowboy and senior cowgirl, doing business, farm in background

Thers a lot to be considered when buying horse property and no one aspect is more important than another. Apart from size and access to resources, there are other things about this endeavor to keep in mind. Here are some of them.

Know your barn

If your property comes with a barn, you have to know what kind of barn it is.

That way, youll know exactly how to maximize its usage. The more popular types of barns in America are the pole barn, the post and beam barn, the modular barn, and the steel building.

Finding out what amenities a barn has will give you an estimate on the said facilitys capacity for use. Ask if the barn has a hay loft. If there is, get an estimate about how much it can hold. If not, ask what other solutions for hay storage are available. The same thing goes with stables.

Look for run-in sheds

Run-in sheds are open structures that your horses can run into or under to shield themselves from the elements when they are out to pasture. Having a number of these scattered throughout your property helps to keep your horses healthy. Opt for horse properties with run-in sheds already installed. Going for a property without them just because it’s cheaper could mean paying more to have them built.

Ask about local vegetation

Whatever may be growing in the region has the potential to harm your land and your horses. Know how to identify weeds or poisonous plants so that you can better prepare for how you’ll deal with them. Never stop enriching your mind regarding plants in general as this could be helpful in managing your horses and the property they live in.

Don’t scoff at proximity

There is a certain beauty in having real estate property thats far from the busy world you know. Then again, you must remember that the further away from town you are, the more you’ll spend (in time, money, or both) traveling back and forth just to get food, mail, and other necessities.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to get your basic needs delivered to you regularly, there’s still the issue of emergency situations. Either you or your horses may need immediate medical attention. The time spent travelling from your property to the nearest medical facility can be a deciding factor between a happy ending or the opposite.

Check condition of structures

In buying a real estate property, take the time to carefully inspect it to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Its the same for horse properties, but know that there are more structures to be inspected here. You can always do the checking yourself, but given the complexities of inspecting this kind of property, its better to hire a professional. The result of their assessment on your property will give you a more thorough idea of what you’ll need to repair. It can also act as your bargaining chip to negotiate for a lower price.

If you are in search of the ideal horse property in the Kansas City area, choose us as your guide to getting the best deal. We are the Dana Benjamin Team and we are here to help you. Call us at 913.522.4277 or drop us a note at DBenjamin@ReeseNichols.com to get you started.