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Reasons you should live in the Country

 Reasons you should live in the Country

There is certainly something to be said about the vibe and excitement of living the city life, but living in the country is a better life, in our humble opinion. Those that are born and raised in the country love the lifestyle, and more city folk eventually leave the hubbub for a more simple life. But what is so great about life in the country? The reasons to make the move are numerous, but these four reasons top our list of why it’s so great!

Slow down and enjoy the view

Life in the country seems to travel at a much slower pace than in the city. Don’t get us wrong, country folks know how to get things done, things just aren’t as hectic or rushed. The hustle and bustle of the in-town rat race never hits the country. And that’s on purpose. People take the time to chat with their neighbors, spend some time in nature and relax when needed.

Peace and quiet are good for the soul

We’ve all heard the expression that “the city never sleeps, “and that’s the truth. When you live in the city, there is always something going on and always something making noise. From the ambulance screaming down the street to the trash truck flinging glass bottles, there is noise 24/7. Many say you get used to it, but we’d rather not. Living in the country is peaceful. There is noise, but most likely it’s a bird chirping, a cow mooing or a breeze blowing through the trees. You can hear yourself think while enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature.

The Neighbors may not be close, but they are Friendly

There is something special about country folks. They are very often a close-knit community, relying on one another. Neighbors take the time to get to know each other at county fairs, live music festivals, and church picnics. The guy across the road has a pick-up truck and is always willing to help move your hay or take your mower into the shop for repairs. The teen girl down the way loves horses and will watch yours when you are on vacation. Country people are just plain friendly.

There is room to Stretch Out

Living in the country provides so much more space to spread your wings. Most properties have land and homes are set back on long driveways with barns and outbuildings. You have the acreage to finally plant that garden you’ve always wanted to grow. You have room for a playset for the kids or grandkids. And most importantly there is room for animals. If you wish to raise chickens for farm fresh eggs or own a horse or two, living in the country makes that possible. If you are ready to take the plunge into country living, the agents at My Kansas City Horse Property are ready to help. Life in the country is the way to go for sure, and your dream country home is waiting for you!