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Thankful for Horses


With Thanksgiving right around the corner now is a great time to reflect on the things in our lives that we are thankful for. Of course, family and friends often top the list, but when you actually sit down with pen and paper to list the good things in your life, we are willing to bet that your horse is up there too. It seems to be that horses are a way of life. They get into our hearts and become a part of the family. And for this reason and many more, we are thankful for our horses.

Horses and Health

There are so many ways that horses bring happiness to our lives. It is well known that interacting with animals can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Horses, of course, do that for us. Also, the physical activity of caring for a horse is good for your health. Cleaning out stalls, riding, watering, feeding and caring for horses can be great exercise. And we all know that exercise is good for our bodies and our minds. Working outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine is good for our mood. But nothing beats that old familiar barn smell. For non-horse people, they just don’t understand. That smell can immediately transform a stressful day into a glorious one. It’s not necessarily the smell, but the memories and “that feeling” it reminds you of.

It’s the little things to be thankful for

There are also many smaller things that make you feel thankful to have a horse in your life that can often be taken for granted. Here are a few that bring a smile to our faces.

Horses are clever – They know who you are, maybe even better than you do. Horses can read your body language, your tone of voice and so much more. They can sense your mood the moment they see you.

Horses are simple – On the same token, it’s easy to tell when your horse is happy. And even easier to tell when they aren’t. They aren’t complicated.

Horses can be stubborn – This might not sound like a compliment, but stay with us here. Horses may not be complicated, but they can really force you to be creative. They know how to “mess” with you. You may have to think outside the box to get them to do something they just don’t want to do.This time of year, we are thankful for our horses.

Horses are loyal – Horses are protective of the ones they love. They truly become a part of your family.

Horses are funny – Comic relief is a wonderful personality trait many horses possess. This can be important when dealing with a stubborn horse or a long, hard day.

Horses are good listeners – Tell them your thoughts and problems, they will always listen and never talk back.

Horses give good hugs – A simple nuzzle from that soft muzzle, and a hug from your horse can melt away all the problems of the day.

What are the things about your horse you are most thankful for? We could go on and on. If you love cute horse pictures and funny videos, follow My Kansas City Horse Property on Facebook. And when you are ready to make the leap into horse property ownership in the Kansas City area, call (913) 266-6616 or contact us online to get started. You will have much to be thankful for!