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Fun Halloween Horse Costume Ideas


Halloween is almost here with all its spooky, candy-filled fun. Haunted hayrides and trick or treating is a must. But why not bring a little Halloween fun into the barn. A Halloween costume for your horse could be a fun project. It’s important however to make sure your horse is OK with this idea. Test out your design before Halloween just to be sure.

Horse Costume Tips

There are, of course, many options when it comes to dressing up a horse for Halloween. Here are some tips to get the creative juices flowing.

Add-ons: A great way to dress up a horse is to add costume elements that transform them into something else. For example, a unicorn horn or elk antlers will work. Turn your horse into a spider with lightweight foam legs or add a pole coming out of the saddle to become a carousel horse.

Shaving: Shaving a horse’s hair to create patterns can be a good way to work with a skittish horse. Shave out patterns to look like bones, zebra stripes or even a giraffe. Keep in mind it will take some time for the costume to grow out.

Another Animal: Get creative by turning your horse into another four-legged animal. Felt ears can make him look like a dog, big cotton balls resemble a sheep, a glorious mane can look like a lion or wings and spikes can create a dragon.

Pull Something: Adding a pulled cart or wagon can increase costume ideas significantly. Adding cardboard sides to look like a car or taxi is a fun idea. A school bus or airplane could accommodate several riders.

Remember the Rider: Remember to create a costume that will coordinate with what you, the rider are wearing. Maybe your horse is Donkey and you are Shrek. Maybe your horse is a dog house and you are snoopy. The sky is the limit.

Halloween Horse Fun

Get you and your best friend ready for Halloween with these great Horse Costume ideas from My Kansas City Horse Property.
No matter what you decide to dress your horse up as, remember they may not enjoy boisterous Halloween activities. Make sure they are also comfortable with the amount of costume you are creating. You know your horse’s temperament. Consider that when deciding on a type of costume. If you’re unsure, add a cape for an instant superhero costume that feels like a blanket to them. And of course, you can always fall back on the Medieval Horse idea and get yourself a suit of armor. Check this Pinterest page for some great ideas and have a wonderful and Happy Halloween.