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Barn Accents for the Home

Barn Accents for the Home

Let’s face it; the barn is our happy place. There may be days that you are tired and dread your barn duties, but once you get to the barn, your worries and stress instantly melt away. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate a little bit of your love for the barn into your home? There are many things you can do to add a little rustic barn charm in each room of your home. Let’s get decorating.

Bring the Barn Inside

Throughout your home, small touches here and there can add a barn feel. One of the simplest additions is adding wood accents. Reclaimed barn wood can be added as a feature wall, on a kitchen island or wherever it will look good. If you don’t have access to barn wood, there are many look-alike products on the market that will provide a similar feel. Cowboy boots and horseshoes are another simple addition that instantly conjures up feelings of barn life. Cowboy boots can be made into a lamp, a vase or simply place near a chair as décor. And horseshoes are great for so many ideas. We’ve seen horseshoe lamps, clocks, tables and even sculptures. Now’s your chance to get creative.

Room by Room Barn Additions

Sprinkling a few barn elements throughout your home is a great way not to overdo it. These ideas are room specific…

Bathroom: A water trough bathtub or sink, horseshoe toilet paper holder, a leaning ladder towel holder, barn light fixtures

Kitchen: barn bucket hanging lights, saddle stools, wooden ceiling beams, wagon wheel hanging pot holder, barn rake wall utensil holder

Laundry Room: barn sliding doors, ladder clothing hanger, open wooden shelves with horseshoe brackets, wire baskets

Owning a Horse Property in 2018

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Room by Room Barn Additions