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4 Tips to Find the Horse Property of your Dreams

Horse Property

Just close your eyes and picture it. That dream horse property you’ve always wanted to call home is easy to imagine. Can you picture yourself gazing out your kitchen window to the rolling, fence-lined pasture of your property with horses grazing blissfully? Of course you can. Finding that property can take some time and work though. There are many additional factors to consider when buying a horse property over a single family home. These 4 tips will get you started on the path to dream horse property ownership.

Keep these Tips in Mind when Looking for a Horse Property

Identify your needs – That glorious farm you picture in your mind may not be a realistic option. Take some time to consider and jot down your specific needs and desires. Ponder the size you need for what you want to use your land for. Do you need a barn with stables or an arena? How much land will you need? Will you use the property for private use only or will you rent out pasture or stable space? Will you offer lesson? Will you rent out barn space for events or weddings? These are all be good sources of income but must be thought out completely. Is there room for parking? What level of upkeep will be needed?

Think long-term – Keep in mind that things change. Your current situation may allow for strictly personal use of your horse property, but that may change in the future. Consider this when looking at properties. Think also about the resale value. Any large investment requires consideration of the ability to resell and how the value may fluctuate.

Location – No discussion about real estate is complete without mentioning location. All aspects of a property can be modified, added on to, or changed except the location. Consider the distance from work, family, town, and other important places.

Get the right agent when buying a horse property

With all the ins-and-outs of buying a horse property the number one tip is to find the right agent. A real estate agent that specializes in horse properties can be your greatest ally. They have the expertise and knowledge of what to consider, things to ask yourself and where to compromise. They are knowledgeable about the current housing market and they can offer access to properties you may not find on your own. They can offer insight into area regulations. They can also recommend industry contacts for building, remodeling, and repairs. Many horse properties are easy to fall in love with. A real estate agent can keep you grounded and focuses on what is truly important. If you are looking for a horse property in the Kansas City area, call on My Kansas City Horse Property. They are ready to find you that dream property. Check out their current listed properties and contact them online to get started. Your dream horse property awaits.