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Dog Spots in Kansas City, MO You and Your Dog will Treasure

woman taking a photo with her dog in Kansas City, MO park

You don’t have to limit your beloved pet to the confines of a modest yard. Kansas City, MO has more than enough dog-friendly spots to keep you and your pooch happy together. Here are some tried-and-true favorites that local pet parents like treating their fur babies to.

West Terrace Dog Park
750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, MO
5 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily

Located right in the downtown area, West Terrace Dog Park is a fenced-off, offleash green space, and doggie haven. It’s members-only ($50 a year for new members), but don’t let that keep you and your beloved pet away.

The dog park is 1.5 acres of well-maintained space on a gently sloping hill, outfitted with drinking fountains for both large and small dogs and picnic tables for lounging pet parents. An upside to the membership fee is the guarantee that the other dogs your pooch plays with are vaccinated and healthy.

Waggin’ Trail Dog Park
432 NE 32nd Avenue., North Kansas City, MO
6 a.m. to sundown, daily

Nearly a mile east of the Missouri River, the Waggin’ Trail Dog Park in North Kansas is a hotspot for locals wanting a playground for their dogs. The 5-acre expanse is divided into two separate areas where dogs can run free: one half for small dogs (under 30 lbs.) and the other for big dogs (over 30 lbs.).

The park also has obstacle courses, complete with tunnels and ramps that can tire out even the most energetic dogs. For something more leisurely, have your pooch amble down a paved trail that circles the park. Multi-level water fountains are available to quench your dog’s thirst, and doggy bags are always well
stocked for a pet parent’s cleanup duties.

Penn Valley Off Leash Dog Park
29th and Wyandotte Streets, Kansas City, MO
5 a.m. to midnight, daily

The Penn Valley Dog Park was Kansas City’s first-ever off-leash dog park. Bragging rights aside, the park has a lot going for it that keeps dogs and their owners coming back. The park is easily accessible from Highway 20 and has good parking spots.

Pet owners can lounge and watch their dogs frolic around the hilly area from benches and picnic tables. And there’s plenty of shade from mature trees to keep everyone cool on hot days. There’s also a separate area for smaller dogs to socialize among themselves.

Bar K Dog Bar
501 Berkley Pkwy, Kansas City, MO
7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Mon-Fri; 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sat-Sun

The name says it all. This bar, restaurant, cafe, and dog park caters to two very important groups: pet parents and their dogs. Every aspect of Bar K Dog Bar is tailored to make sure that you and your fur baby are having the best time walking, playing, or eating together with other dog lovers.

The 2-acre park is primarily off-leash; leashes are only required in the dining areas. There’s a small pool, a main play area for all dogs, and a separate small section for tiny pooches that aren’t used to playing with bigger dogs. There’s even Puppies’ Pub – another section of Bar K where puppies between 3 to 9
months old can make new friends. After the day’s playtime, pet owners can clean up their dirty dogs at the bar’s wash and rinse areas then enjoy a meal and drink at the dining decks.

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